Inspirational Quote: Roger Staubach
February 4, 2017

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Your Blogging Soundtrack
January 26, 2017

For some writers, they need absolute silence to concentrate, while others prefer the din of a noisy cafe. But in the…

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Blogs We Love: The Nerdy Teacher
January 22, 2017

As kids, teachers didn’t seem like real people; seeing them outside of the school was disorienting and confusing. But it turns…

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Blogs We Love: Brave Ski Mom
January 12, 2017

Winter is in full swing, which means many families head for the slopes every chance they can get. But lugging all…

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5 Tricks to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution
January 5, 2017

Whether your New Year’s resolution was to talk to people in all 50 states or just to blog a few more…

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5 Year-End Traffic-Boosting Blog Post Strategies
December 21, 2016

The end of the year can be a tricky time for bloggers looking to maintain and grow their audience. On one…

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Blogs We Love: Julie Blanner
December 14, 2016

Holiday time means it’s time to entertain, whether it’s out-of-town guests, next door neighbors or relatives. Unless you’re Martha Stewart, this…

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6 Go-To Holiday Blogging Ideas
December 7, 2016

So busy shopping you can’t think about what to blog about this holiday season? Here are six prompts to get your…

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Inspirational Quote: Nicholas Sparks
December 2, 2016

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Heading Colors for Your Blog Book
November 16, 2016

Ready to add a splash of color to your blog book? Blog book makers can now pick which color their headings…

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