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Turn your blog or INSTAGRAM posts into pages—quick, easy, fun!

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The quickest and easiest way to make a book from your blog!

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    Turn your posts into pages, today!

    Print your blog or Instagram feed as a book in just a few steps

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We support these platforms: INSTAGRAM / WORDPRESS / BLOGGER / TUMBLR /  TYPEPAD

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Print Your Blog Or Feed As A Book—We Make It Easy

We’ve been turning posts into pages since 2007. We provide the fastest and easiest way to make affordable and beautifully printed blog and feed books. Visit our home page to learn more about blog and feed books, and to get pricing and purchasing details. Or start your book now »

Preview Your Blog and Feed Books In Minutes

Just click the Make My Book button below, select your platform and follow the directions that appear. For step-by-step instructions, see the following section.

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From Posts to Pages in Just a Few Steps

Step 1

Step One

Start your Instagram photo book

To get started, select your platform from the pop up window that opens when you select the Get Started option. Follow the directions that appear for connecting to your blog (for Instagram, you will be asked to log into your account). Note: We take your privacy seriously (Privacy Policy)—we don’t sell your data—we just make books 🙂

Step 2

Personalize Your Book

Instagram post options

Once your blog or feed has been accessed, you can personalize your book—enter the date range that contains the posts you want to include in your book. You can also select a cover design, enter a title, try our Advanced Post options, or you can just click the Preview My Book button to see how it looks.

Step 3

Preview and Purchase

Photo book Preview page

Flip through your book preview! If you like it as-is, go ahead and purchase. If you’d like to make some changes, select the View All Options button to enter the editor. And that’s all there is to it—enjoy your new book!

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Step by Step Instructions

Tip: To get a super quick preview of your book, after you click the “Make My Blog Book” button, you can leave the options outlined in the steps below set to their default and skip right to the “Preview My Book” button at the bottom of that page.

  • When you click either the “Get Started” or “Make My Blog Book” buttons above, a window opens where you can select your blog’s platform. Enter the URL (web site address) of your blog and click the “Print My Blog” button.
  • On the page that opens, in the “Include Posts” section at the top, select either “All Posts” or choose a specific date range you’d like to include in the book.
  • In the “Page Template” section, select which layout you wish to use: Snapshot (which keeps your photos and text in the same order as your blog) or Compact (which rearranges photos and text to make better use of space).
  • Click “Show Advanced Post Controls” to:
    • Filter Post by Label
    • Add “Posted By” Attributions at the end of each post
    • Include your blog’s comments (only available for public Blogspot blogs)
    • Change the order of posts from chronological order to reverse chronological order
  • In the “Covers” section, choose which cover design you’d like, enter a title for your book, enter any side spine text you wish to include and upload a front and back cover image (otherwise your cover image will be selected automatically). These photos can be changed later.
  • In the “Dedication” area, you can write your own text or use the default dedication “To Bloggers Everywhere.” This can be changed later.
  • Click the “Preview My Book” button. Please note that there may be a short wait while your book preview is being generated.
  • A flipbook preview of your blog book will then be presented. After previewing it, select the “See All Options” button located on the left of the preview.
  • If you’ve previously registered, enter your username and password and select the “Sign In” button. If not, you can quickly register by selecting the “Free Registration” button.

More questions?

Please visit our FAQ for answers to the most frequently asked questions, or contact Customer Service using our XanEdu contact form, or by phone at 1-888-212-3121, 8am-5pm (ET) M-F.

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We’ve been printing books from the web since 2007. We provide the fastest and easiest way to make affordable and beautifully printed books. Visit our home page to learn more about printing books from the web and get pricing and purchasing details.