As our name suggests, Blog2Print helps bloggers create printed books from their blogs, with tons of customization options and high-quality printing. But we also enable bloggers to create digital versions of their blogs that have the same great features as our blog books.

Why would someone want to create a PDF version of their blog? Here’s three reasons we have thousands of bloggers creating these digital blog books every year:

The Ultimate Backup

Whether you’re worried about something happening to all your hard work, scared of hackers or just ready to archive your blog for the ages, there’s no better way to ensure your posts stay permanent than creating a digital blog book. You can store it in as many cloud services and hard drives as you’d like to be sure it doesn’t disappear.

Totally Portable

Traveling with a stack of books isn’t always practical, but digital versions only take up a few electrons in your hard drive! You’ll be able to read your blog book and share it with friends, family and others wherever you go… even if you don’t have an Internet connection!

Easy to Email

Lots of our bloggers are aspiring (or even successful) published authors and writers that use their blog as a portfolio or reference for their work. While handing a potential publisher a handsomely printed blog book makes an unforgettable impression, in today’s world of email and instant messaging, you’re not always getting a face-to-face with the folks you want to impress.

Creating a PDF version of your blog is the perfect portfolio. And don’t worry that you might have mixed in some childcare rants with your on-point analysis of political issues or delicious recipes; you can include only the specific posts or date ranges you want in your digital blog book.

One Click and A Low Price

Creating your digital blog book is a bargain – it’s just $9.95 to store hundreds of blog posts and photos in a beautifully laid out PDF. It’s also super easy; once you’ve created your book, select the Digital File Download option in the “Pick your book type” box on the Customize screen and you’re on your way!

Digital File Download—PDF option

Get started now and build your digital book today!