It’s prime-time vacation season, and you’ve hopefully left your laptop at home while you’re headed for the beach, the amusement park or wherever else your summer wanderlust is taking you. In the old days, that might have meant hanging an “On Vacation” shingle on your blog and not posting for days or weeks. But thanks to smartphones and tablets, you’re out of excuses for leaving your blog dormant. To keep things fresh while you’re out and about, follow these four quick tips:

Download the app for your blogging platform

Whether you’re on Blogger or WordPress, both platforms have apps built especially for bloggers that make it simple to post on the go.

Blogger has an Android app, but since they’re owned by Google they haven’t made it so easy for iOS users. Luckily third parties have built some free apps that get the job done or you can install the Chrome browser on your iPhone or iPad and easily update your Blogger site from there.

WordPress has its own apps for iOS and Android, plus you can always update your blog using a browser as well.

Use a picture instead of a post

Look, you’re trying to to have fun and not write 1,000 words per day. Sometimes a quick photo with a pithy caption is more than enough to keep your readers engaged without taking you away from play time.

Vacations are the ultimate source material

From lost luggage to beautiful sunsets, the ups and downs of your trip make for excellent fodder for new blog posts. It should be a lot easier to come up with new content ideas when you’re doing something new and usual than just buying groceries and driving carpool.

Plan ahead

If you want to keep your cadence and post just as often as home, make a quick plan before you go regarding when you’ll post and what you’ll write about. Having your prompts in your calendar will get you sailing past writer’s block and back to the fun in short order.