There’s a nip in the air and it’s suddenly getting a lot more colorful when you look up at the trees. Yes, autumn has arrived and so has the opportunity to take some stunning photos to accompany your posts.

Want to make the most of this temporary backdrop before it all blows away? Here’s some advice on nailing a killer fall photo shoot:

Wander Around

You might be a homebody, but the best trees in town might not be in your backyard. Scout the local area for the finest foliage before you start shooting. Explore side streets you usually drive past to see what treasures lurk in the branches.

Come Back Soon

Not every tree reaches peak beauty at the same time. If you spot a promising spot that’s still a little green around the edges, make a mental note and check back in a few days to see if it’s the right time to snap away.

Longer Shadows = Better Shots

Rise and shine or take the afternoon off to get the best light for your shots. When you’re shadow is longer than you are tall, you know it’s the magic hour to capture the crisp colors and contrasts.

Get Up Close and Personal

Sure a mountain aflame in fiery oranges and reds is stunning, but nature’s beauty really shines when you pay attention to the details. Examine individual leaves for excellent subjects, placing them on contrasting surfaces or held aloft by a loved one.

Dress for Success

If you’re taking portraits, make sure everyone is wearing their sweater, flannels and jeans. Despite how warm it might be out there, no one wants to see people in shorts frolicking in the leaves or tank top-wearing teens hiking through a colorful forest.

Don’t forget that seasonal themes make great fodder for blog books. Choose your posts by their date range and create a collection just for your favorite season!