Listicles are those highly consumable article formats that use lists to deliver streamlined content nuggets to readers. You know, articles like “The Top Six Shoeshines in Seattle” or “Nine Supermodel Hairstyles You Can Recreate in Your Bathroom.”

Why do readers eat these up? Is it because we all secretly like math? It’s more likely that people know they’ll be able to skim the article and finish it quickly, plus they know exactly what to expect when they click that link.

So, as you ponder what posts to finish out the year with, here are some reasons why a listicle might be just what you’re looking for:

1. This is a busy time for your readers
While they might normally love to read a witty 3,000-word rehashing of your trip to a big box store, they’re trying to balance their love of your prose with their shopping lists, holiday parties and travel plans. Attention spans are shorter than ever, so give ‘em something brief.

2. You’re probably busy, too
Listicles are, by their definition, much easier to write than an open-ended thinkpiece. Use this to your advantage and save some extra time for those errands and holiday TV specials.

3. It’s a chance to put on your reviewer hat and share some opinions
Whether it’s your “Favorite Movies of 2015” or your “Tastiest Recipes for Winter”, the year-end listicle is a chance to share some of your top picks with your readers.

4. A fantastic opportunity to recycle content
You’ve written a lot of great stuff already, and a listicle can resurrect some of those older pieces for a new set of readers. It can be as specific as “My Four Worst Holiday Experiences” or as simple as “My Best Posts of the Year.”

5. They’re super shareable
While someone might hesitate to repost, like, tweet or forward along a long-form post on a specific topic, a list is a great conversation starter. They can add their own opinion to which of the “Worst Celebrity Fashion Faux Pas of the Year” was most horrific and what their “Favorite Hallmark Channel Christmas Movie” is to generate some additional page views and new readers.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick a number and a topic and start listiclizing!

Have any favorite listicles you want to share? Let us know in the comments section.