What makes us bare our souls to the Internet, publish our memoirs in near real-time to the world and share our recipes, tips and advice when no one has actually asked for them? Everyone’s motivations are a little bit different, but here’s what makes five bloggers keep posting:


1. To be yourself
“In a society where you’ll never be good enough, smart enough, strong enough, tall enough, pretty enough, and perfect enough, I blog to just be myself. In my own words, run-on sentences, love for raisins, sprinkles on my wedding cake, dog lady, singing off key in the shower, red wine stain on my couch, Pinterest obsessed, exclamation point loving, imperfect way. You can’t make everyone happy; they’re all going to have an opinion of what you do, say, and write.”
Sally of Sally’s Baking Addiction

2. For the sharing
“I love to pass along good info, and of course, that’s one of my favorite things about reading blogs too. My bank account doesn’t always benefit from this transfer of knowledge, but what are you gonna do?”
Vanessa of Sunflower State of Mind

3. To remember the fleeting moments of childhood
“I will never take the time to print out photos or fill-out your baby books or make elaborate scrapbooks for you. So this, this is what you will have someday along with tens of thousands of pictures I’ve taken of you. You will find those on my hard-drives. Sorry.”
Scary Mommy

4. For the comments, the community and the freedom
“Blogging to me is the ultimate writer’s platform, the place where a writer is no longer miles away from his readers, no longer waiting for the gatekeepers to deem his work worthy, where he is as close to the effects of his writing as a writer can possibly get.”
Pop Chassid

5. To help others on their journey
“The desire I now have to offer up my life to help others as they walk through their own journey is more than motivating. I passionately dislike the idea of people having to figure life out on their own. I feel that if even one person could possibly benefit from any part of my life then I want to make it available.”
Meg of One Glass Slipper

Want to share your own reason for blogging? Tell us what inspires you to blog in the comments section below!