We all have stories to tell. Bloggers usually focus on sharing their own exploits, anecdotes, and recaps. But our family members represent a treasure trove of fascinating tales that deserve a broader audience. And now

there is truly no time like the present to hop in the wayback machine with a loved on and see what they have to say.

You’re running out of things to talk about
There are only so many conversations we can have about current events and our mundane day-to-day updates before awkward silences come in. Asking relatives about their own lives and pasts can unlock whole new avenues of conversation.

We all have untold stories
Our own personal histories are so baked into ourselves that we don’t always think about how interesting they would be to other people. But once someone opens the door, the stories can come flooding out.

Forge cross-generational bonds
It’s hard for people of different ages to find things to connect about. And when we’re not able to share experiences in the present moment, bridging those divides is even trickier. People talking about their lives further humanizes them and creates more points of intersectionality that are relatable for everyone.

Memories are unreliable vaults for the past
Our brains are pretty amazing, but over time, they can lose some of their sharpness and the details get fuzzy. Plus, there’s no way for anyone else to know what’s in there. Getting these stories out of people’s heads ensures those memories are shared and stay alive in the minds of others.

We all need more fodder for blog posts
Trust us, everyone is tired of hearing about your sourdough starter and the funny thing your cat/dog/kid did. But sharing the past exploits, adventures, and tribulations of your relatives can be compelling for more than just your cousins. The past has much to teach us, and your blog is a great way to spread the word.