Whether there’s still piles of snow on the ground or you’re traipsing through a field full of flowers, Spring officially arrives this week, and along with it comes a bevy of ideas for a new crop of blog posts. Let this new season bust through your writer’s block by using one of these prompts to crank out a new post:

Planting season

Whether you’re raising veggies for the whole neighborhood or just like a few flowers by the front door, spring is the season for getting your hands dirty. Write about what you’re planting, tips and tricks, favorite products or anecdotes from the great outdoors.

Spring cleaning

There’s no better time to discard the unnecessary items that have piled up in your attic, basement, closets and corners. Share with your readers your strategies for unloading the unwanted, great finds in the stacks of stuff you’re unloading or where you like to donate or sell your extras.

Play ball

A new season means a new set of sports. Whether it’s your kids gearing up for lacrosse, your old man softball league or just getting excited for opening day, there’s plenty of fodder for coming up with something to write. From physical fitness tips, to takes from the ballpark, you’ll find something great to talk about.

Recipe tips and dining out

Great weather means a change in your eating habits, and there’s nothing readers like to sink their teeth into more than posts about food. Share your favorite al fresco dining spots, barbecuing secrets or how to make great use of those fresh herbs popping up in the farmer’s market.

Making the most of those extra hours of daylight

The longer days of the spring mean there’s more time for nature walks, visiting parks and playing in the backyard. Keep your cameraphone handy and capture those moments to spark your senses for new posts about family time, nature encounters or just enjoying the outdoors and great weather.

Got any spring post ideas of your own? Share them in the comments section.