The end of the year can be a tricky time for bloggers looking to maintain and grow their audience. On one hand, people are busy with planning for the holidays, travel and vacations. On the other hand, people aren’t working all that much and might be looking for some distractions while they’re trapped at their in-laws or cooped up in the house with the kids.

You can use this time as an opportunity, or you can just shut things down for the year and come back fresh in 2017. The choice is yours. But if you do opt to stay active during this time of year, there are a few tried-and-true tricks of the trade you should be employing.

Break out the listicles

It seems like people were already counting down the top songs, movies and books of 2016 while we were still digesting out Thanksgiving dinners, but there’s no time like the present to list the best or the worst of year in your particular domain. This snackable content is perfect for distraction-seeking readers during the holidays.

Double-down on social media

While people aren’t as likely to plop down at their laptops for marathon browsing sessions, this is the season when people are far more apt to whip out their smartphones or tablets for a social media fix to distract them from their surroundings or to keep up with their social connections that may be more dispersed than usual. Make sure you’re promoting your content heavily on social media to pop-up in people’s feeds, even investing in some post boosting if you’ve got the budget or inclination.

Recycle your evergreen content

While no one wants to read your hot take on the Cubs’ pitching moves during the World Series again in December, if you’ve got thoughtful, quality and relatively timeless posts that you think deserve more attention, this is a great opportunity to recirculate them, either adding an update or just featuring it as one of your favorite posts of the year. For some readers that might have skipped it during a busy moment this could be the perfect opportunity to dive in and give it a read.

Throw your own awards show

Sure, the “experts” might hand out the GRAMMY awards and the Oscars, but you can dole out your own virtual trophy case of honorifics yourself. Who was “the most annoying person of the year”? What was the 2016 commercial that made you cry the most? Which junk food won a special place in your hear? There’s no rules here. You create the categories, you give out the hardware. And since it’s bound to generate debate, that just means more engagement with your readers on social media and your discussion boards!

Promote a favorite cause

December 31st means a lot of things, including the last time you can donate money that’s considered tax deductible for 2016. Why not make a case your charity of choice? You might inspire some extra folks to give to the cause and you can close out the year on a positive note.

Got any other ideas for year-end blogging strategies? Let us know in the comments below.