Spring is in full swing, which means it’s time for the green thumbs out there to start getting their hands dirty and start planting their gardens and flowers. But for flora-loving bloggers, this means it’s also an opportunity to add a new crop of content to your blog.

Yes, your garden adventures are an excellent source of blogging material that will keep you writing all year long. If you’re looking to share your horticultural exploits with your audience, here are some tips for the budding garden blogger:

vintage-967529_1280Start with the seeds

Deciding what to plant and why is a conundrum every gardener faces, and many are searching for inspiration to mix up this year’s harvest. Blogging about your selection strategies is a great way to lure in new readers or even solicit advice from the community for your own plots.

secateurs-498632_640The tools of the trade

Do you have a sprinkler you’d swear by? Have you just picked up the perfect pruning shears? Gardeners are always looking to upgrade the contents of their garden shed and potting stations with well-reviewed products, so here’s your chance to offer an opinion.

dwarf-973038_640Have an eye for design

What you plant is important, but so is how things look. Writing about how you’ve mapped out your gardens and flower bed, as well as what accessories, stones and mulch you’re employing, makes for some engaging content.

watering-can-848223_640Keep fertilizing

After the initial surge of planting-related content is used up, it may be tempting to leave your garden blog untended until things start blooming and producing. But we know you’re still out there watering, weeding and feeding, so use those activities as an excuse to share best practices or just muse about the irritating suspense you’re experiencing waiting to see how things turn out.

beeEmbrace cross-pollination

Let’s face it, unless you’re running a farm, there’s only so much to say about what’s happening on your own property. But there’s no shame in sharing interesting finds from across the blogosphere – just be sure you include lots of links so your readers can follow you down the garden blogging path.

little-82922_640Snap before you snip

There’s few things more visually pleasing than the miracles of mother nature, so make sure you’re taking photos and using them in each post every step of the way. Not only will it make your posts that much more engaging, but the best ones make for great sharing on social media.

cut-1123737_640Post-picking posts

Once you’ve snipped the beautiful flowers you’ve grown and collected your bountiful armloads of produce, your garden blogging work isn’t done. Document your flower arrangements, share your favorite recipes for fresh-grown vegetables and write about your pickling and canning adventures. No one wants their food to go to waste, and you shouldn’t waste this blogging opportunity either.

Now that you’re armed with a bushel full of garden blogging tips, we can’t wait to see what blooms in the year to come. And if you’ve got a few hints of your own to share, let us know in the comments section below!