If you love blogging, then you probably love writing. So actually putting words together in a coherent form is probably not what has you pounding your head against your keyboard or just avoiding your computer altogether.

When writer’s block strikes a blogger it’s far more likely to be the idea itself that’s escaping you, despite the fact that you get plenty of great ideas when you don’t have the time, energy or tools you need to actually write a blog post. So instead of saying, “Hey, that’d make a great blog post, I’ll have to remember that” (followed by you promptly forgetting all about it), create a reminder for yourself and bank that blog post inspiration for a future writing opportunity.

Here are some tips to help you start filling up your Blog Idea Piggy Bank so you can keep writer’s block at bay and have a topic for that next post ready and waiting:

photo-1425315283416-2acc50323ee6A Picture Says a Thousand Words, Some of Which You Can Borrow Later

You may not have time to jot notes down in the heat of the moment, but thanks to smartphones we’re all carrying around cameras. When you want to remember an experience for blog inspiration, just take a picture or two to jog your memory later. You can even email it to yourself or create a special folder or album to make sure they don’t get lost in your photo roll.

notebookTake a Memo

Often the easiest way to ensure you don’t forget something important is to write it down. Whether it’s in a swank moleskine notebook, a post-it on the fridge or a note-taking app on your phone, using just a few words to make a mental note for later can be the difference between staring at a blinking cursor and 40 words per minute when it comes time to create your post. It won’t take much to jog your memory—like,  “Guy playing violin in the train station” or “Funny exchange with grocery store cashier about papayas.”

woman-653892_640The Nightly Review

You’ve cooked, you’ve cleaned, you’ve punched in and out, maybe you’ve wrangled some offspring into pajamas or done some laundry. You’re finally sitting in bed. As you take some deep breaths and think about the day you’ve had, ask yourself: “Did anything happen today that I’d like to blog about?” It’s OK, if the answer is no, but chances are there are some ingredients for a future blog post you might want to save for later, so make a note or two before heading to dreamland.

logistics-852936_640Hoarding vs. Splurging

Sometimes you’ve had an experience (or several in short order) that are jam-packed with great blogging material. Instead of blurting everything out in one epic post, think about how you can chunk out the experiences and observations into bite-sized blog posts. Make sure you jot down some quick notes about the key details of each piece so things are fresh when you’re ready to work on it later.

newspaper-1075794_640There’s Nothing Wrong with Current Events

So, maybe nothing very exciting has happened in your life recently. Luckily, the world does not lack for interesting material. So flip on the news, check out some web sites that cover things you’re interested in, read a newspaper… Even if you don’t have a story to tell, you can always provide your opinion on a topic or talk about how a current event relates to something in your own life.

calendar-638974_640Create a Calendar

The year is full of events that make for great blog posts, whether it’s a holiday tradition, school-related events or a vacation. With a calendar, you can map out the blog posts you KNOW you’ll want to write, and then you can fill out the rest of the slots with content gleaned from your Blog Idea Piggy Bank.

Putting down your notes and reminders on the calendar ensures you’ll have something to write about no matter what; and if something more topical or better comes up, you can always push off that post to the next available slot. Having a plan should take away the stress of coming up with an idea and let you focus on the fun of actually writing.

Got any great tips of your own to share? Let us know in the comments section below.