Graduation season is in full swing, with many chucking their caps and gowns to head off on a thrilling summer adventure, start a new job or make a big move to a new location. With all those life changes the idea of taking on the additional work of writing about it all might seem like a terrible idea, but there’s actually no better time to start blogging then during a major life transition.

You’re creating new routines, meeting new people and trying to keep track of all the fun experiences, funny anecdotes and annoying encounters of your life while still keeping in touch with your old friends from school. Capturing it all in a blog creates a permanent reminder of what you’ve been up to and allows friends and family to keep up with your experiences and live vicariously.

Ready to give it a try? Here’s a few pointers to keep up the momentum and make it last longer than a few posts:

Define a cadence and stick to it

We all start new endeavors with tons of energy and enthusiasm and then it can quickly fade away. Don’t try and write everything on Day One and instead think of what a reasonable rate of posting might be for your new lifestyle. Once a week? Every other day? It’s all personal preference, but set a reasonable goal and then make it happen even when it hurts.

Narrow your focus

Don’t try and blog about every aspect of your life, pick a theme or two and try to limit your posts to those topics. This doesn’t mean you can’t occasionally stray and write a random restaurant review or rant about your favorite TV show, but your audience (and your brain) will find it easier to follow along when there’s some consistency to your subject matter.

Don’t forget the pictures

Thanks to our smartphones, we’re all walking around with amazing cameras that can be whipped out at a moment’s notice. Don’t be shy about taking pictures that will complement your posts and bring readers in to learn more. They’re also a great way to remind yourself of a post you want to write later.

Remember, this is for fun

While a few lucky souls may turn their blogging into a career, most of us are just in it for fun. While someday your blog might turn into a cash cow, focus on finding your voice, developing an audience and enjoying the work for now. If you’re not authentic, it can be tough to build a brand.