When your family welcomes a new four-legged friend, it’s a fantastic opportunity to start blogging (or add a new thread to your existing blogging empire). In just a few short years your new dog will mature from a clueless puppy to an adult canine, so it’s essential to capture the phases and fun that come with their youth and adolescence.


Start with the pedigree… or lack there of

The story of how your dog joined your family is a great springboard for your blogging. Did you seek out a breeder for that perfect pug-poodle mix? Did a neighbor end up with some unexpected puppies? Did you find your furry soulmate in a shelter? Are you rescuing a four-legged soul and giving them a chance for a better life?

Regardless of where they come from, it’s a great first chapter in their story, and makes for some great blogging. Let your readers share in the anticipation before you even bring your new friend home!

“Our dogs are all rescues,” says Cathy Witlox of Three-Dog Nights and Days. “I want to do my part to get the word out that many, many really good dogs are out there in shelters or foster care just wanting a safe, loving permanent home—and each one of them deserves exactly that.”


A homecoming for the hound

Those first few days can be an adventure, with unexpected parts of your house turning into a bathroom or a chew toy. But it’s also great fodder for posts as your new dog gets to know the household and you get to know him or her.

Who was most excited to meet them? Who did the dog take a liking to? What did it start barking at for no reason? There’s plenty to share with friends and followers who aren’t there to witness every moment.

“I started my blog as an outlet to express my love and frustration with owning two big hound dogs (Rhodesian Ridgebacks),” says Jess L. of The Stubborn Hound. “Living with big dogs can be tough, so I share my own day-to-day stories, some product reviews and recipes, and the occasional review of places to travel that allow big dorky dogs like mine!”

weimaraner-1381186_640Settling into routines

As your canine companion gets accustomed to home and you get used to having them around, you’ll undoubtedly find your lives transformed. After work fetch marathons in the park? Table-begging? Fighting for space in a suddenly crowded bed? Each of these quirks, habits and newfound routines are perfect for posting.

“The thought that this blog, in some small way, could help you build a deeper relationship with the animals in your lives is what keeps me going,” says Amy Burkert of GoPetFriendly.com. “Perhaps you’ve never traveled with your pets, and seeing how we manage to live on the road full-time with Ty and Buster gives you the last drop of confidence you needed to take your first pet friendly vacation.”

1705024A constant stream of Kodak moments

Adding a dog to the mix means you or your human family need to be the star of the show. Pooches are inevitably the most photogenic family members and making them the focus of your adventures (or the mundane everyday) will engage readers and get them reading more and eagerly anticipating your next Fido-flavored missive.

“I’m a crazy dog lady from way back, but I firmly believe life with dogs isn’t all about sensible walking shoes and poop bags,” says Serena of Pretty Fluffy “Life with dogs should be fun, inspired and full of love.”

dog-168815_640Here today, gone tomorrow, remembered forever

Dogs give us so much, but their time with us is fleeting. Blogging about your experiences with your pets gives you a chance to relive those times when your favorite fur ball is no longer as spry as they once were.

“I wanted to share our journey together so people could see what some love and patience can do for a rescue dog,.” says Amanda of DogMomDays. “Our bond has grown immensely.  We are attached at the hip.  Wynston is my shadow and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Making a blog book dedicated to your dog is just a few clicks away!

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