Ever have one of those days where you’re ready to just throw everything in a suitcase and move to the South of France? Or maybe you’ve been dreaming of the expat life since childhood but finances, obligations and family keep you from hopping on the next Air France flight. Lucky for you, some people have managed to pack up and relocate to other countries, and are sharing the details of their new experiences in blog form so you can live vicariously… or maybe plan a trip of your own there someday!

Tuula is sharing her life abroad in her blog, Belle Provence Travels, where you can almost taste the delicious food and get a true sense of what it’s like to immerse yourself in another culture. And if you’re lucky enough to make the trip yourself, she has plenty of tips on everything from what to pack to which markets to visit. So, say au revoir to your daily grind and escape for a little while!