Unless you’ve got inhuman self control, we all dip our toes in the dark side every now and then, chomping on something “Cool Ranch” flavored or consuming something that’s color is not found in nature. When you’re looking to satisfy your craving for something terrible for you but don’t quite have the guts to be seen holding it in the checkout line, there’s a blog that can satisfy your cravings without adding a calorie to your diet. Food Junk explores the latest and probably not greatest junk food on the market, tasting it so you don’t have to. With their tongue planted firmly in their cheek (when it’s not licking Spreadable Twix off their fingers), Food Junk will submerge you in the world of what happens when bacon bits and pecans have a party, watermelon Oreos and what’s for lunch at San Quentin Prison. You’ll either come away hungry with some new snack ideas or have completely lost your appetite. Either way, you’ll definitely laugh and have something new to look for at the grocery store.