The weather’s getting warmer and we’re about to hit the first of the three biggest BBQ days of the year: Memorial Day. While the patriarchs of the family may have traditionally been the one stoking the fire and slapping meat on the grill, there’s nothing stopping everyone from getting in on the smoky fun. Girl Carnivore is Kita Roberts’ ode to fire-cooked meat and its many forms. Check out her recipes for daring dishes that might not show up on the menu at your typical BBQ joint, like Double-Smoked Chicken Mac & CheesePulled Pork Rolls with Alabama BBQ Sauce and Rosemary Smoked Meatballs. She even grills her veggies, with recipes for Grilled Harissa Avocado Baked Eggs and Smoked Corn on the Cob among others. So before you stock up on your usual BBQ basics, get adventurous with some tips from Girl Carnivore!