School’s almost out for summer. No matter how many camps, sports, trips, vacations and pool parties you have on your kiddos’ agendas, there’s still way more downtime during the summer months. At times you’re simply desperate for something to keep them from pulling on your sleeve and complaining “I’m bored.” Before you throw your arms up in defeat, head to the Kids Activities Blog, where three moms have combined forces to turn junk drawers into inspiration. With activities for every age group, you can find inspiration for kid-friendly projects such as Magnetic Slime, Mud Masks and Lego Friendship Bracelets. Aside from specific projects, there’s plenty of other great parenting advice including how to teach kids about money and overcome nighttime fears. So next time you’re tempted to throw in the towel and reach for the remote, see if the blogosphere can provide a helping hand.