Gardening can be a rewarding and relaxing escape. It can also reconnect us with the land, beautify our property and produce some delicious fruits and vegetables. But when you add kids to the mix, things can get a lot messier and less enjoyable without a plan for success. Luckily, you’re not the first person to attempt gardening activities that include children, and Dawn Isaac’s Little Green Fingers blog can help give you inspiration and guidance for gardening activities that involve the kiddos, ensure everyone’s having a good time and still yields some actual healthy plants when it’s all over. She’s managed to wrangle three children while still pulling in flower show medals, and now she’s sharing her tips and tricks via her blog. So you can grow some pea shoots, turn a wheelbarrow into a portable garden or plant some windowsill garlic, and if the weather’s not so great for gardening, there are plenty of craft projects in there as well. So next time you’re pulling on those garden gloves and don’t want to leave the kids behind, check out this blog and get the whole family involved.