With Halloween season upon us, it’s time to dress yourself and the rest of the family up for parties, parades and the big sugar-soaked event itself. While it may be stressful and/or super fun, it’s also great subject matter for your blog.

Your search for supplies, your DIY endeavors, your last-minute trips to those pop-up shops in abandoned strip mall spaces are all part of the adventure. Not only does it give you plenty to write about, but it’s also amazingly visual with plenty of opportunities for photos to fill your feed.

Here are some post topics to get you inspired:

  • Recapping conversations with the kids about what they want to dress up as
  • Deciding which candy to serve
  • Party tips
  • Decorating ideas
  • Shopping diaries
  • In-school events
  • Recipes for Halloween-themed treats
  • Actual trick-or-treating

Don’t miss your chance to generate post after post of ghoulishly good content and start documenting your costume adventure today!