Having trouble getting over the hump and finishing that post? Here’s a chance to reset and set your sights on your ultimate destination. Just take a look at this picture and transport yourself to the scene.

It’s cool in the shadows of the trees, but now you’ve stumbled across the latest challenge. It’s imposing in its elevation, its unevenness, its imperfections. Yet it couldn’t be any other way, not to help you achieve the goal of reaching this summit, climbing higher, removing yourself further from the world below. With each step you’re closer to the top, and you’re not exactly sure what you’ll find there. Will it be a dazzling vista? A hairpin turn? A brief respite before another challenging rise? You won’t know until you get there, just like you won’t know how your next post ends until you write it. So keep going, one foot after another, one word after the next.