Trying to find the perfect present can be pretty challenging… that’s why so many people turn to an impersonal gift card out of desperation. But for people you share a real connection with, there’s a far more meaningful gift you can give them than a piece of plastic they can go shopping with.

A blog book is a personalized, meaningful collections or posts, photos and memories that will be cherished for years to come. And with the ability to create custom covers, dedications and select specific content for each recipient, it’s a truly unique item.

So with the holiday season upon us, here are four people that would love to find a blog book under the tree:

The Grandparent – They can’t be there for all the little moments, but they love hearing the details of their family members’ lives and seeing the pictures that bring it all too life. Give them a front row seat to the lives of their grandchildren with a  blog book that captures it all. Sum up the year or create a volume for each grandchild.

The Best Friend – You’ve had wacky adventures, tear-filled bonding sessions, shopping outings that busted your budget and epic meals together over the years. Show them how much you appreciate their friendship and loyalty with a blog book that recounts your favorite times with them.

The Child – Even if they don’t fully appreciate it right now, the ability to look back at your life through the words and photos of your parents is a truly special experience. And in a day when pictures are more likely to end up on Instagram than your mantle, give them something tangible to look back on.

The Teammate – Whether your goal was winning the trophy, building a community or volunteering for the cause, the people you spend time with working toward something larger than yourself will appreciate being able to look back on their efforts and achievements in the posts you’ve written about your shared experiences. Now every team can have a yearbook of their own.

Ready to build some blog books? There’s still time to get them there by Christmas.