While every word in your blog may be precious, you may not want to include every post in a particular blog book you make on Blog2Print.com. Don’t want to include that rant about the plumber? Only want posts that talk about your kids? Want to make a book just about your holidays? You can personalize your blog book by selecting the posts you want and excluding those you don’t. Not only does hand-picking posts ensure your book has just the right content, it can also be handy when you are trying to trim the number of pages in a book.

Here’s the easy step-by-step guide to selecting the posts you want to include in your blog book:

Step 1:

You will first need to sign in on the Blog2Print site (or create an account when you enter your blog’s address if this is your first time). In the My Books section, select the blog you want to print and then pick Open Book.

The next page is “Create a Blog Book – Personalize Your Book” and you will want to select the (Edit) Posts option in the “Contents” section (highlighted in red in the picture).


Step 2:

Each post in your blog for the given selected date range will be displayed (or the entire blog if you didn’t select a date range). Next to each post is a checkbox showing whether or not each blog post will be printed. By default, all posts are selected for printing. These checkboxes are highlighted in red in the picture shown here.


Step 3:

When you “deselect” a post by unchecking the box, the entire line for that post turns grey, making it easy to see what will be included in your book and what won’t be. Then you just click the green Save button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and your blog book’s posts have now been hand-picked!


If you were hand-picking posts to manage your page count, after you have saved you will see the new number of pages at the bottom of the Contents section.

That’s all for now. Happy blog book making from Blog2Print!