Can’t see past your keyboard? Desperate for a new perspective but it’s just the same four walls surrounding you? We’ve got a whole new view for your blogging future, just give us a couple of minutes to transport you to the coast.

Look at the photo below for a moment, then close your eyes. You’ve hiked across the rocky beaches to get here, the sound of the pounding waves only punctuated by the cries of seagulls and gusts of salty wind. Atop the rocky outcrop, that lighthouse has been flashing its beacon to passing ships for decades, centuries maybe.

How many sunsets and tides has the lighthouse keeper seen from that tower, dutifully manning this outpost miles from the nearest town? How many wrecks has that spotlight prevented, alerting captains to steer clear and remain safe? How many sailors have spotted that light in the cold, wet night and realized their journey was almost over? Now open your eyes, but don’t let go of the sound of the surf, the call of the birds, the smell of the spray. You’ve almost reached port now… just a few more paragraphs to go.