The big game is just a few days away, but regardless of whether you’re rooting for the Panthers or the Broncos – or you’re just tuning in for Coldplay and the commercials – there’s no excuse for not making your Super Bowl party a memorable and delicious event that will make for a perfect post-game post.

While you can certainly set the tone for guests by dressing your dogs up in uniforms or painting your face in team colors, we recommend going DIY in the decorations department to create a festive setting. Not only will it be fun for guests, but it makes for great photo opps. Here are a couple of ideas we like:

Turn your table into a playing field

Astroturf may not be on the field in Santa Clara, but it can turn your table into an eye-catching setting for delicious treats. Check out this Turf Table DIY project to bring some color to set the stage for snacking, and for fun and games if the real matchup turns into a snoozer.

Draw up a great play… for fabulous food

Using a chalkboard as the platform for your serving dishes brings some cute fun to the party and also spares you from having to explain what’s on each plate. Chalk up a win with this Tailgate Club Sandwich Bar.

Although you might be the kind of blogger that will recount and analyze the play calling and memorable plays in future posts, you’re far more likely to find blogging fodder in the fun times people are having with each other while taking in the spectacle. Here’s a few ideas to add some off-field excitement to the party:

Celebrate big scores with a confetti spike of your own

Slamming down the football after crossing the goal line is the celebration of choice for many on the gridiron, and now that feeling can be shared by your guests with these Super Bowl Cascarones. You’re gonna have to vacuum anyway, so why not have fun making a mess?

Everyone can play when there’s Super Bowl Bingo

Even if you can’t explain the difference between a safety and a sack, you can still keep score with Super Bowl Bingo. If you don’t have the time or creativity to come up with your own cards, you can use these pre-made Super Bowl Bingo cards, which include everything from celebrity spotting in the crowd to jersey number.

Super Bowl Squares

Whether you’re putting some money on the line or just playing for pride, this classic Super Bowl game gives everyone a rooting interest… and all they have to do is pay attention to the score and see if their number comes up at the end of each quarter.

Of course no Super Bowl party is complete without copious amounts of food to be scarfed down during the action. To make sure you’ve got a delectable assortment of items that will keep people munching without being stuck in the kitchen during the whole affair, here are some great make-ahead items that set the will delight everyone’s taste buds:

When the only pigskin you want to see is being thrown and kicked

Pigs in a blanket are a finger food standby, but there’s no reason not to explore a healthier and less meaty option with Carrots in a Blanket.

Skip the bowls and give ‘em chili in a jar

Who wants to ladle things into a bowl when they could be missing a big play (or a hysterical commercial). With Chili and Cornbread in a Jar, guests can grab and go back to the couch without missing a snap. All they need is a spoon to scarf down the complete chili experience.

Nothing says Carolina like barbecue

If you’re a Panthers fan or just want something regionally authentic, you can’t beat barbecue. Here’s a finger food-friendly Carolina Style Pulled Pork Sliders recipe that fits the bill and will satisfy the fans in blue and black.

Crush it with some orange wings

We couldn’t bring ourselves to share a Rocky Mountain Oysters recipe for the Broncos crowd, but we can recall Denver’s Orange Crush Defense of the ‘70s with these Spicy Baked Orange Chicken Wings. Add some blue cheese dressing and you’ve got their whole color scheme on the plate.

Close out the game with something sweet

In case everyone hasn’t had enough football, satisfy their sweet tooth with some Cookie Dough Footballs. They look the part, don’t require any silverware and who doesn’t like cookie dough covered in chocolate?

Remember, your memory isn’t as good as it once was, so be sure to jot down some notes of the items you want to blog about throughout the party. Once you (and the stadium crew) are sweeping up the confetti, you might not remember anything except who’s going to Disneyland.