Looking for a quick, easy and FREE way to make your posts even more attractive and clickable in 2016? Here’s a fun app for you iOS users that makes creating and adding visually appealing graphics to your blog a total snap (an Android version is reportedly in the works).

Adobe Post is the latest app from the folks who brought us Photoshop, Illustrator and many other powerful imaging tools over the years. This app is 100% focused on blog and social media posts and is simple enough for a newbie to crank out awesome images. Open the app, select an image, either one of your own or one of the many free ones provided, add words, select styles—and post it. And it’s free, so what more can you ask?

What we like about this app
Overall, we’re fans of the app. It’s really easy to use—there’s almost no learning curve. We love that you can make edits without each modification becoming permanent until you’re ready, giving you more room to experiment. Plus you can make a duplicate version if you want to make additional changes without messing up something you’re already happy with. The Remix feature lets you dive in and crank out a professional-looking post extremely quickly, even if it’s not the most original image in the world.

Where we see room for improvement
We have a few complaints, but nothing we can’t work around. While the app works just fine on an iPad, you can only use it in Portrait mode, which can be a bit annoying. You’re also limited to square posts, which is great for social media, but limits the usefulness of the app for creating other types of content, such as an infographic or recipe card. The biggest negative is that the app only lets you have one text block per “post”, which again really limits the usefulness to title images or social media posts. But, hey, it’s called “Adobe Post” for a reason, and now even when you’re blogging on your phone there’s no reason not to include an awesome image with every post.

How it works
Once you log in with your Facebook account or create an Adobe ID, you’re given the opportunity to “Remix” one of their posts or create one of your own.

File Jan 03, 8 55 38 AMRemixing means you can select a post they’ve already created for you and tweak it to your needs.

File Jan 03, 8 55 59 AMWe started with the How to Knit a Scarf post.

File Jan 03, 8 56 13 AMDouble-tapping on the text allows you to type something new.

File Jan 03, 8 56 24 AMYou can then select Font to choose from the 30+ font choices they offer.

File Jan 03, 8 56 40 AMYou also have the option to change the color of the text. Additionally, you can also pull on the corners of the text to change the size and proportions, as well as dragging it to the part of the image where you want it.

File Jan 03, 8 56 52 AMShapes gives you the option to further alter the text’s appearance, such as adding decorative elements. You can also apply photo filters to the background image.

File Jan 03, 8 57 27 AMAnd if you’re not the best at coming up with winning color combinations, you can select something from the predefined color palette options, repeatedly tapping on each one until you find the look you like.

File Jan 03, 8 57 38 AMThe design section lets you pick a complete design from a set of pre-defined Design Filters if you’re not having luck coming up with your own look.

File Jan 03, 8 58 04 AMNow, you might have noticed that the #AdobePost hashtag appears in the bottom right of all of these designs. You can get rid of this watermark by double-clicking on it. This will bring up the option to share Post with a friend. Taking this option will bring up an email that you can send to anyone telling them about the Post app including a link. Doing this once appears to remove the watermark for all images going forward, so we recommend doing that before you get started.

File Jan 03, 8 58 15 AMIf you’d rather create a post from scratch, you can start with an image in your photo library, take a photo with your phone/tablet camera or search the free public domain photos that Adobe provides access to. If you select an image from your photo library or take a picture with your camera, you can zoom in or position the photo within the square confines of the Post editor.

File Jan 03, 8 57 51 AMIn this case, we searched for “Tool” and found the screwdriver image we were looking for. It automatically adds some text to the image, and you can get started by double-tapping that and beginning your editing process.

File Jan 03, 8 58 28 AMAll of your posts will be available in the My Posts section of the app, and you can continue editing them (or editing a duplicate) at your leisure. Once you’re done, you can then share them using the standard options, or save it to your Photo Library for usage in other apps.

So, don’t just post a link to your blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Tumblr; promote your content with an image your readers can’t resist. iOS users can download Adobe Post free from iTunes here.

Are there blogging tools you’ve come across that would be handy for others to know about? Let us know in the comments below!