It’s spring planting season, which has us thinking about which plants will give you a bumper crop or a steady stream of returns all year long. While writing a blog post isn’t quite as mindless as popping some seeds into the dirt, you can equally appreciate a post that kicks off a chain reaction of future posts for months to come, which makes it that much easier to come up with ideas and create great content.

What might these high-yield posts be? Here are a few categories that will give you something to write about many times in the future:

Starting a series

Interviewing people, reviewing things, recipes of the week, etc. Doing the same thing repeatedly, yet differently creates framework for the future and narrows your potential topics.

Chronicling an ongoing event

Getting a new pet. The kid joined a sports team. Now they’re trying out for a musical. You’ve taken up a new hobby. You’re starting a home improvement project… you get the idea. You have the excitement of the initial event, but you also have the updates to post until the story runs its course.

Breaking down one big event

Be it a big trip, a milestone celebration or even something tragic, don’t blow it all out in a single post. Set the stage in your first post and then touch on various aspects in the future, hinting at what’s to come as your readers follow things as they unfold.

Got any other good starter posts to share? Let us know in the comments below…