Finding the real world too distracting to get any writing done? Wishing you could escape the madness for a few moments to collect yourself and focus? Here’s your chance to clear your mind of the clutter and use a little tidal power to re-energize. Just look at the picture below and breathe it all in.

The sound of the waves drowns everything else out. They keep crashing in, breaking in the distance before sliding quickly along the smooth sand and washing over your toes until the warm ocean water is up to your ankles. Just as quickly it pulls away if it was never there, no trace except the wet sand your feet sink into with each step. You feel like you could walk forever along this beach, with nothing but nature’s soundtrack filling your ears and the salty air in your lungs. The day is behind you, the night lies ahead, rushing over you like the next wave along the surface of the beach. What have learned today? What stories will you share this evening? And what adventures await for you tomorrow morning?

Now come back to the real world, with it’s alarm clocks and lawn mowers and car horns. The beach will always be there, and sunsets come every evening. But now you’ve got some writing to do.