Shivering so hard you can barely type? Winter blahs have you pining for a tropical island instead of pounding out fresh blog content? Lend us two minutes and you’ll have a flight plan for completing that next post.
Look at the photo below for a moment, then close your eyes. Imagine yourself snug in your seat, forehead pressed up against the plexiglass, taking in the vast expanse of the ocean along with the floating paradises within it. You’ve never seen so much blue in every direction. Rest, relaxation and renewal await you once you touch down. Anything can happen when you land, and right now it’s nothing but pleasurable possibilities. Your vacation is here. The packing and arranging is over… it’s simply time to enjoy the journey to a vacation free of care and worry. And now, once you’ve opened your eyes again, it’s time to take that excitement and anticipation and throw it into your writing. We can’t wait to read it!