Hammering away at your latest post? Blogging is hard work, so it’s time for another power break! Just two minutes and you will be back at it all refreshed and renewed. Let’s go!

dunes-722690_640Look at the picture of the scene below. Put yourself there, in the sand. Feel its grainy warmth between your toes. Listen to the wind, rolling over the hills with no trees or buildings to slow it down, your clothes gently flapping in the breeze. The clouds racing by overhead. Breathe in that warm, dry air. Marvel at the ripples in the sand that the wind has carved over time. Think about how the wind will keep changing the landscape, day after day. You’re all alone now, distractions and interruptions a distant memory. Just you and the sand and the sky… and your keyboard. Because now it’s time to get back to work, with a clearer mind and some sand in your shoes.