Every summer millions of people pack their bags, load up their cars, trucks, SUVs and RVs and hit the road. Looking for adventure, entertainment, nature’s beauty or just trying to skip the security lines at the airport, roadtrippers get to take in the sights, sounds, smells and tastes they encounter all along the way.

Each of these experiences is excellent fodder for blogging, of course. Unlike a typical travel blog post that’s all about the destination, road trips give you the chance to write about every aspect of the journey. That’s a lot more content, a lot more posts, and a lot more reason for people to follow along.

Here’s how to maximize your output for your summer road trip:

  • Planning – Recount how you came up with your itinerary, mapped out your route, selected places to stay and attractions to visit. Readers may be daunted by the task and find inspiration, or just might want some more tips and tricks they can use themselves. Don’t forget to include the things you left out… and why!
  • Packing – It’s not everyone’s favorite, but sharing your strategy for getting the most out of your limited space while ensuring you’ve covered all your bases makes for a great post. Take pictures to make it more visual. Don’t forget your sense of humor and to compare packing styles across your entire party.
  • Playlists – What will you listen to for those countless hours on highways and byways? How do you get the family to agree on music? Do people take turns, does the driver call the shots or does everyone pop in their ear buds and tune the rest of the passengers out? And if audio books are more your scene, share your picks or even write a review along the way.
  • Pit stops – Each roadside meal is an opportunity for a deep dive into the local cuisine or a review of this particular spot. What were some tasty surprises or unpleasant picks? Did you get outside your comfort zone and eat like a local or hunt down something familiar. And don’t forget those photos!
  • Accommodations – Where did you sleep each night? How did you find it? What was it like?
  • Attractions – Now that you’re into the meat of your trip, where did you spend your days and night? What did everyone think? Treat each stop as an opportunity to write a review or provide commentary.
  • Encounters – Traveling shouldn’t only bring us in contact with new places; we should also be meeting new people. Share with your readers tales of interesting conversations and unusual folks you interacted with along the way. These impromptu conversations are often some of the most memorable parts of the trip.
  • Meltdowns & Mistakes – No vacation is complete without some drama and poor choices. Instead of glossing over the less-than-fabulous moments, milk them for their comedic gold and give your readers even more to relate to.
  • Tips & Tricks – As the trip is winding to a close and home is on the horizon, you can provide advice about how to survive and thrive on a road trip. Don’t forget to include what NOT to do!

With every mile there’s additional material for bloggers to pull from and shape into posts. Heck, you could even turn your whole trip into a blog book when you get home so you can always remember your vehicular vacation.