We know a picture is worth a thousand words, so sometimes someone else’s picture might help you come up with a few of your own. Here are six Instagram accounts worth following to help you break through the brick wall:

National Park Service

Our national parks are home to some of the most spectacular animals and geography and provide endless sources of material. Even if you can’t make it to one, this is the next best thing. And who knows, maybe it will inspire your next vacation, too!

Coffee Cups of the World

You may not have that many options for coffee in your neighborhood, but transport yourself to interesting locales and imagine the tasty brews in each of these vessels. What kind of conversations are happening in these shops? What are the chairs like? How good if the free wifi?

Cute Baby Animals

It’s not the Internet without cute animal pictures, right? The name says it all, and Cute Baby Animals does not disappoint in delivering adorable shots of young creatures. Even if this doesn’t solve your writing problems, at least you’ll have a smile on your face!

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Dreaming of the ocean? Awed by undersea mysteries? Just enjoy going to the beach? These stunning visuals uncover magical seaside scenes above and below the surface to get your juices flowing.

Book’s Calling

We know you love to read, but not as much as this guy! Follow Jakub’s travels as he finds time to read no matter where he happens to be.  


Sometimes it’s just easier when someone else tells you what to write. Use these prompts to get yourself going.

Got a favorite Instagram account that motivates you to write? Share it in the comments below.