It’s that time of year again, when mother nature decides that you shouldn’t go to work, the kids shouldn’t go to school and your to-do list just ain’t getting done. Why not make lemon slushies out of lemons (and snow) by updating your blog?

Snow days are a great chance to:

  • Post awesome pictures of your family or pets in the snow
  • Talk about your strategies for not going stir crazy
  • Blog about the blogs YOU turn to when you’re snowed in
  • Share a recipe that will keep people warm and toasty
  • Prove some crafts and activities that keep your kids from going bonkers while being trapped in the house
  • Post a favorite knitting project (think hats, scarves and socks)
  • Review a go-to movie or TV show that takes your mind off the swirling winds and piles of precipitation

So, take to your keyboard and tap out a post… it sure beats shoveling!