Bloggers take many approaches to posting about their family’s adventures, exploits and experiences. Some might document ever detail while other post sparingly and wait for something noteworthy. Either way, there are four “C”s to keep in mind when crafting those updates:


A picture says 1,000 words, but the ten or so words you add beneath it says even more. Captions are your chance to provide context or infuse humor into your post. Be your most sarcastic or add the color commentary that didn’t fit into your posts overall flow.


Providing your readers with something to chuckle about is far more likely to keep them coming back for more than being overly melodramatic or sentimental when sharing what your family’s been up to. And unlike banter over dinner or zippy comebacks on the sidelines of the soccer game, you’ll have plenty of time to come up with the perfect jokey bits to complement the rest of your post.


Family stories are much more meaningful when your readers know the backstory. Don’t just recount how Tyler scored the winning goal; talk about how he’s been working on using his left foot for weeks in the backyard and not it has finally paid off. Context adds stakes and weight to the events you’re recounting.


A straight retelling of your family’s experiences might be edge-of-your-seat entertainment for the grandparents, but the rest of the world doesn’t care that much about the mundane moments. So ask yourself questions about why these things happened and what exactly is going on. Don’t just post a funny road sign or share an anecdote about a retail experience go wrong — put on your journalism cap and ask questions! The additional info you can add to your post will make your tales that much more fascinating.