We already know that blog books make great gifts, but what can make them even better is if you personalize them for the recipient. With the Blog2Print platform, there are a number of ways you can create a unique experience for that special someone that can’t be beat!

Custom Cover Photo

No need for a generic image on the front of your gift, you can include a great shot of the recipient or a photo of their favorite thing, whether it’s you, your kids, your dog or a memory from a great trip you took together. Customize your cover and they’ll love it before they even turn a page!

Personalized Dedication

Add a special photo and/or text to let them know this blog book was created especially for them… along with all the in-jokes and heartfelt statements of affection you’d like.

Hand Pick the Posts that Matter Most

If you’re making a custom cookbook you don’t have to include your rant about the mall traffic or if it’s all about your vacation to Disney you can select just those particular posts. Whatever theme you’d like, you can make sure every single post connects with the person you’re making it for and the story you’re trying to tell.

Add Some Extras

Your blog book can include additional photos that weren’t originally in your blog, so you can make it extra special by adding some pics that will mean a lot to your loved one.

So cross someone off your shopping list and make them a blog book of their very own today!