The big game is almost here and party hosts and hostesses are racking their brains for interesting and unusual treats to put out for their guests, while potluck attendees struggle to come up with the perfect dish to stand out in the crowd.

The unofficial national holiday is a great opportunity for cooking and recipe bloggers to get a little more attention for their blog and the great content they’ve created.

Create a Recipe Roundup

Over the years you’ve posted countless appetizer and dessert recipes that would go great at a Super Bowl party, so collect some of your favorites and highlight them in a Super Bowl-themed post. You can promote it on social media at just the right time when people are searching for ideas.

Post a Brand-New, Showstopper Recipe

Have you been sitting on the perfect finger food creation and waiting for the perfect time to unleash it to the masses. This is that time! Make sure you have some fabulous photos to really make it stand out.

Be an Active Member of Online Communities

When you see people posting requests for ideas, respond with links to your blog posts that fit the bill. You’re not only being helpful, but you’ll drive more traffic to your blog.

Promote Your Blog IRL

At the actual party you attend, don’t be shy and talk up your blog. When someone raves about your dish, tell them they can find the recipe and that for more on your blog.