It’s that time of year when we let our true emotions slip out (or force them out) and say “I love you” to the ones we love. While some people are forced to use a gimmicky greeting card or some chocolate in a pink box to do the job, you’re a blogger and have a publishing platform to share with the world how you feel about that special someone.

So this Valentine’s Day, don’t just post about the fancy dinner or the special gifts or the mediocre chocolate… post a loving homage to the person (or people) you love the most!

Recount an anecdote that illustrates just how great of a person they are. Tell a favorite story about how they did something special for you. Share some photos that capture their essence.

Then publicize the heck out of it to your friends, family and followers so your Valentine knows that hundreds or thousands of people now know just how much you care about them. It’s far more meaningful than a stuffed animal or corny gag gift… plus it’s way cheaper!