If you’re blessed with a blog readership so engaged that they’ll notice when you don’t post for a while, vacations can present some tricky choices. Do you simply hang an “out-of-office” equivalent on your blog or should you keep the content coming even though your mind is more focused on sandy beaches or ski slopes?

Here are five strategies you can adopt to make your blog work for you when you’re not working:

recycle-57136_640Recycle old content

Pick out some of your greatest hits and schedule them to re-post while you’re away. You might want to add a brief update at the top or a note that “this is a rerun” so you’re following doesn’t get confused. This gives your followers something to enjoy without creating much extra work for you.

firewood-1157304_640Stock up before you head out

As if you didn’t have enough to do with all of the packing and pet arrangements, you could go the extra mile by writing a few extra blog posts ahead of time and scheduling them for publication while you’re off on your adventure. These posts shouldn’t be too timely or focused on current events as things might change while you’re away.

95cdfeefInvite some guests

Guest blogging is a great strategy any time of year, but there’s no better opportunity to let someone else guest post on your blog than while you’re on vacation. Make it fun by challenging them to write about a specific topic that fits in with your own blog’s oeuvre.

photo-1438109491414-7198515b166bPost some vacation pics on the go

Let your photos do the talking and post a picture or two of your away time with a brief caption. It will keep your blog fresh and satisfy your followers with an update without putting the pressure on your to actually write something.

notebook-405755_640Actually blog on your vacation

While you might annoy your friends or family by whipping out your laptop instead of a trashy novel or gossip magazine, you can always post a bit from wherever you’re headed. It might make your vacation a little less relaxing, but you’ll probably have plenty of great post ideas to pick from based on your travels.

Whatever strategy you select, make sure you’re banking those blog post ideas for when you come back home.