A new year means 366 days (Leap Year!) of blogging await. Many bloggers find it helpful to create a theme that ties their posts together throughout the year. It can help solve a few pesky cases of writer’s block, too.

Themes can be boiled down to just one word, and can support you in your blogging journey all year long by giving you something to revisit and weave into as many posts as possible. We’d love to hear what themes you’re considering for the coming year, but in case you haven’t come up with one yet, here are a few ideas to inspire you:


Keying in on “Friendship” for 2016 makes sure you blog about the different experiences you have with friends, as well as providing a platform for recognizing just how great and meaningful your friendships are. It gives you ample opportunity to thank friends for their kindness, compassion and companionship, as well as sharing great stories.



It’s pretty easy to get caught up in details, minutiae and routine, without thinking about the big picture. So bring some mindfulness to your blogging strategy for 2016, focusing on what you’re seeing around you in your own life and the causes throughout the world that you connect with or are passionate about.


When you’re looking for it, there are so many things in life that can inspire a smile. What if you took every time you chuckled or guffawed and assessed its blogability? Not only will you have plenty of fodder for posts, but your readers will probably enjoy sharing those laughs with you.


There will be plenty of New Year’s resolutions declared this week, but this theme is about more than pledging to cut the carbs or say hello to strangers. Using “Change” as a theme lets you focus on all of things that you’re doing differently in your life, or sharing stories of how others are transforming aspects of their lives.

Those are just four of the many themes you can go with. Are you considering using a theme this year? Got any you want to share? Let us know in the comments below!