For some writers, they need absolute silence to concentrate, while others prefer the din of a noisy cafe. But in the age of personalized, on-demand audio you can pop-in your earbuds wherever you are and redefine your audio soundscape.

It turns out that a lot of authors employ playlists as part of their method. For example, when Joshilyn Jackson is writing, she listens to different songs depending on which character she’s writing about. And when Mia March was writing The Meryl Streep Movie Club, she listened to the same two albums over and over again, so much so that if she heard them when she wasn’t writing it instantly transported her back to that creative space.

For author Delilah S. Dawson, they key to her writing is to have a playlist full of completely new songs for every project so she doesn’t bring along any emotional baggage she might have associated with older tunes.

Of course, great music often comes with great lyrics, which might take your wordsmithing down a detour, so for Jim Almo of Lantern, the key is to pick music that’s light on the lyrics.

“I find the best music to listen to while writing is something much more hypnotic. Just like mental space is important while you are writing, aural space is important, too.”

Don’t feel like you have the time or curating chops to craft a playlist of your own? There are plenty out there ready for the listening, from sites like 8tracks, Spotify and Amazon Prime, plus there’s plenty of suggestions out there, too.

And don’t forget, you don’t have to limit playlists to your blog writing, you can offer up suggestions to your readers, too!

Got a favorite playlist for your blogging routine? Share it in the comments below.